Spring Break Internship

Cold Email Template

Spring Break Internship

Cold Email Template

 Are you looking to work with or shadow a local organization during your Spring Break travels? This is the email template I have used to set up partnerships with local companies and nonprofits every time I go abroad. That way, every international travel experience you have is another chance to learn something new, and to add something to your resume.

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Everywhere you see a [ ] is a place where you should personalize this example for yourself. You don’t want to send an email that makes you sound like a robot. Use the template to get started, then add your own personal touches to make it your own. Pro tip: make sure you find the name of someone who works at the organization to address the email to. Even if it’s the wrong person, he or she will know who should receive the message and will forward it along. And if you have a mutual contact, make sure you mention it early in the email (see italics) to get their attention right away.

************Start Message************

Dear [Juan Felipe],

My name is [Sophia Wood] and I am a [fourth year] student at [Georgetown University]. My friend, [Emily Walters], suggested I reach out to you since your mission of [supporting Latin American entrepreneurs] seemed really well aligned with my interest in [sustainable tourism]! I am planning on traveling to [Medellin] from [March 9th to 18th 2018] and I am really interested in visiting some local organizations while I am there. I am very passionate about [social entrepreneurship in Latin America] so as I was doing some research, I stumbled across your company and was really inspired by the work you are doing in [Colombia].

Would you be willing to have a cup of coffee with me while I am in [Medellin]? I am very interested in learning how [promoting social entrepreneurship in Latin America] is helping  [boost the local economy]. If there’s anything I can do to help out your organization while I am in country, please let me know! I think that the work you are doing is very important, and I would love to see how I could help you advance your mission.

If you have time to meet for coffee while I am in [Medellin], I would love to discuss what you do and learn more about your organization. Thank you very much for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.


[Sophia Wood]

************End Message************