Startup Bootcamps
in Latin America

The best way to learn about entrepreneurship is to get out of the classroom and experience it for yourself.

Travel to Latin America with a tight-knit community, learn what it takes to launch your own business with a supportive network of mentors behind you, and work with local startups to create new opportunities for yourself and others with VamosA.

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Explore new career and lifestyle opportunities in the fastest-growing startup hubs in Latin America.

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Learn high-demand skills like product development and digital marketing from seasoned experts.

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Make new friends, meet inspiring entrepreneurs, and expand your professional network.

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Collaborate on digital consulting projects in partnership with mission-driven, local organizations.

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Upcoming Progams


Digital Nomad Retreat

Travel to Cartagena, Colombia, for 6 days to learn how to build your own professional website from seasoned digital nomads and relax in some of the most beautiful beaches in Colombia! There’s no better way to start your digital portfolio and begin your journey making a living remotely.

6 days, 5 nights | Cost: $1,500 | 8 Participants

Early Registration: $1,800

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Startup Bootcamp

Travel to Medellín, Colombia, to learn how to launch your first business from seasoned international entrepreneurs, connect with innovative local startups, and explore new career and lifestyle opportunities in “the city of eternal spring.”

9 days, 8 nights | Cost: $2,800 | 16 Participants

Early Registration: $2,500

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Medellín, Colombia

Cartagena, Colombia

Who should apply

Aspiring Entrepreneurs

Our programs are designed to empower aspiring entrepreneurs seeking to launch their first company. Learn from seasoned international entrepreneurs about what it takes to launch new products and grow your organization. Develop professional relationships and expand your network of mentors.

Young Professionals

Our programs are a great option for young professionals under 30 who are considering switching careers, working in Latin America, or becoming digital nomads. Explore exciting destinations abroad and find out if working in a startup environment is right for you.

University Students

Our programs are ideal for undergraduate or graduate students interested in working in a tech company or startup. Make new friends, develop meaningful connections, and explore job and internship opportunities abroad.


"Thanks to VamosA, I learned how to build a professional website for my accounting practice. Not only has this helped me get new clients, but now I also feel confident managing it and making improvements without having to pay someone else for help."

"VamosA has incredible mentors! They helped me set up interviews with the founders of a variety of business sectors, including founders of co-working spaces, event newsletters, and makerspaces for my research."

Stephanie P. 

VamosA Medellin 2017

"Cartagena is one of the major entry points for remote professionals in Latin America. VamosA helped me connect with and learn from people from all over the world. In addition to learning some practical digital skills, I also really enjoyed learning about the politics, culture, and history of Colombia!"

Jocelyn W. 

VamosA Cartagena 2016

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Who we are

VamosA is an international training program for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We travel with university students and young professionals to startup hubs in Latin America to learn from international experts how to build, test, and market new products.

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