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5 Reasons to Visit Cartagena in November

You Should Visit Cartagena in November. Here’s Why. Tourism in Colombia is booming, but it hasn’t always been that way. Even ten years ago, Colombia was far from a hot destination due to negative perceptions of safety in the country. Even now, many Americans shy away from exploring this stunning Andean country, but you shouldn’t. You still have time to visit before Colombia becomes a well-trodden destination and loses some of its offbeat appeal.

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Nate Van Haute – Welcome to the team!

Nate Van Haute, a recent graduate of Saint Louis University, has joined the VamosA team as Marketing Officer. In this role, Nate is charged with creating thought-provoking content to inspire college students and young professionals to rethink the ideal of a 9-to-5 desk job and explore more exciting lifestyle and career opportunities in Latin America.

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So you want to move to Latin America. Now what?

If you are someone who is considering a change of pace, thinking of heading South, or even already purchased their one-way ticket: this blog post is for you. It can be daunting to move to a new country or city. Yet finding your niche in Latin America is not as hard as it sounds, even if you’re a gringo. Use these tips as a guideline and you’ll be taking the bus like a local in no time.

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