5 Reasons Why You Should Drop Everything and Visit Medellin in 2018

By Jo Moley | March 5, 2018

Looking to travel this year? For college students with a serious case of wanderlust, 2018 is shaping up to be the perfect time to take a short-term trip that leaves a long-term impact. Colombia is on the rise as a travel destination, and offers plenty of opportunities for travelers to explore and learn about its unique culture.

This year, Medellin, Colombia is truly the place to be, and here’s why.

1. Medellin’s weather is amazing all year round

They don’t call Medellin “The City of Eternal Spring” for nothing! With an average annual temperature of 72.5°F, Medellin’s weather can’t be beat. Although the city is located close to the equator, it’s elevated high enough in the Andes mountains to cool it down, keeping it temperate and comfortable. Medellin’s beautiful weather makes for light packing. You may want to bring a raincoat, but you can leave your jackets and fleeces at home. Perfect weather all year round makes Medellin the City of Eternal Spring [Break]!

2. The only thing better than the weather is the food!

While most people don’t know much about Colombian food, the country’s cuisine is truly a hidden gem of the region. Medellin has recently emerged as a culinary center of both Colombia and Latin America. With the biggest meal of the day taking place at lunch and including three courses, you can have dessert with lunch every day of the week!

Cheese lovers can rejoice too, because Colombians add queso to just about everything – even coffee!. Be sure to sample delicious traditional dishes such as bandeja paisa, sancocho, and empanadas. Every Latin American country puts a unique spin on their empanadas, and Colombian’s fried version with potatoes may just be the best, in our opinion!

3. With so many unique destinations close to Medellin, it’s easy to escape the city for a daytrip!

Even the most experienced city-dweller sometimes needs a break from the urban grind. For the adventurous day-tripper, Medellin is located just hours away from some of the most colorful destinations in all of Colombia! From hiking a fallen meteorite in Guatapé to exploring the cobbled streets in the traditional town of Santa Fe de Antioquia, the region surrounding the city is full of treasures.

Coffee lovers should check out the coffee farms and quaint cafes in the town of Jardin roughly four hours outside of Medellin, and thrill-seekers will certainly want to go paragliding less than two hours away from the city in Cocorna. The huge variety of day trip options right outside of Medellin makes it so that you don’t have to settle for just one city! With Medellin as your home base, you can explore the many facets of Colombia all within the space of a short vacation.

4. Colombia is in the middle of a historic shift, and you can experience it first-hand

Over the past ten years, Colombia has been hard at work repairing its reputation. Right now, Colombia is in the middle of a historic transition due to the peace accords recently negotiated between the federal government and the FARC. Last year, President Juan Manuel Santos received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the accords.

Traveling to Medellin will give you the opportunity to observe this exciting transitional period first-hand. Participants in VamosA’s Medellin Startup Bootcamp and casual travelers have the opportunity to visit Comuna 13, a space that embodies the changes occurring in Colombia today. Comuna 13 used to be the most dangerous neighborhood in Colombia, but now the space is being revitalized and transformed by an artist collective.

For more information on the peace process and this unique era in Colombia’s history, be sure to check out the Peace Hub event organized by Zoom In Projects, the creators of our amazing VamosA promo video

5. And of course, visit Medellin for a chance to explore the most exciting startup hub in Latin America! 

Thanks to the economic growth of Colombia in general and the enthusiastic support of the city government, Medellin has become one of the most innovative cities in the region. Young, driven entrepreneurs from all over the world are arriving en masse and creating a fast-paced, collaborative environment perfectly suited for emerging startups.

Business incubators such as Ruta N are creating spaces for the startup community to grow in Medellin. If you’re looking for a way to explore the startup scene in-depth, there is no better way than by participating in one of VamosA’s startup bootcamps!

We are thrilled to be based in one of the most vibrant and exciting cities in the world. If you’re hunting for a travel destination that allows you to explore new cultures, learn new skills, and go on adventures you’ll never forget, look no further than Medellin!

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